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Rice Protein Peptides

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Rice Protein Peptides is a mix of all kinds of amino acids’ aggregation. Its molecular weight is smaller than protein, but simple structure, strong physiological activity substance. It has all the important properties of conventional rice protein, amino acids combination is much more reasonable than any other natural protein, less allergic, the absorptivity is as high as 99%, and so on.


Rice Protein Peptides with strong activity and diversity, and it does not need to digest, zero consumption of body energy, as trace element transport carrier, neurotransmitter, responsible for human body information transmission between different organs systems, up to more than 85% of active protein content, supplement for human consumption, enhance constitution, health promotion, can reduce the damage from variety from different modern virus.


From the functional viewpoint, Rice Protein Peptides can do much more than lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent from cardiovascular diseases, anti tumor, anti radiation, anti rheumatic, regulation of the endocrine, inhibit the platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction, analgesic effect, anti-aging, eliminate fatigue, enhances the absorption of minerals, etc.


As protein additives, it’s the best quality, most advanced technology content, and high level marketable resource.  Can be widely used in health food, nutrition food, baking food, athletic food and more.


And it is a totally Water Soluble Rice Protein!


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