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Most common questions and answers

Are you a factory?

Yes, xyprotein is a professional supplier, manufacturer and exporter with a factory area of 35,000 square meters.

What is organic matter?

Natural products and processed products that are certified for natural agricultural products and do not use pesticides are produced in a natural, ecologically balanced manner and comply with international organic agricultural technical specifications.

Does the rice ingredient contain heavy metals?

Double control from raw materials and protein semi-finished products. Our rice raw materials are both conventional and organic, non-polluting and meet World Health Organization standards.

How to get sample test quality?

If you need samples, please contact us and let us know your requirements.

What does the usual sampling cost?

Free sample, you only need to pay for the sample.

Which courier company is supported?

Usually, we will pass FedEx, DHL and EMS, if you prefer other courier companies, please recommend to us.

What is your minimum order?

Usually we accept small orders. Please feel free to contact us for the exact MOQ of your product.

Can I put a company logo on your product?

Yes. Please contact us if needed.


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